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Benefiting the NHS and their staff

Technology salary sacrifice allows you to both reward your staff and save thousands of pounds. This involves no personal loans, no credit card interest rates and no credit checking.

Liaison Onecall is a technology benefit programme for the NHS; it is designed to allow NHS staff to acquire technology products, such as iPads, smart phones and TVs via salary sacrifice. The trust or board saves on national insurance and pension contributions and the employee also saves on these, plus income tax too.

Running two to three order windows a year can save NHS organisations between £130,000 and £160,000 a year and their staff benefit by accessing the latest technology and saving between 28-51%.

Benefits for NHS trusts and boards

  • Save on national insurance and pension contributions
  • £45,000 per scheme (average take up is between 5-7%)
  • No cost to administer – scheme is run entirely online.
  • The website and the marketing materials are provided.
  • It's quick to implement, full support is given
  • No support is required from the IT department - warranties, insurances and data backup are included

Benefits for NHS Staff

  • Staff can typically save between 25%-35% on a comprehensive range of technology products including computers, mobile phones and LCD TVs. (includes iPads, smartphones, 3D TVs)
  • The scheme enables staff to save on income tax, national insurance and pension contributions.
  • A typical scheme term is between 24-36 months with monthly reductions to salary
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